Compare Fiber

How do different carpet fibers compare?
These days, carpets are made with natural fibers such as wool, sisal and jute or with synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene. Many stylish, durable carpets are made with a combination of natural and synthetic fibers.

WOOL is the traditional fiber used to make rugs, and it’s no big mystery why. Besides being luxurious to the touch, wool can be dyed to beautiful rich colors, is fire-resistant, stain resistant, non-allergenic and holds up well over time. Also, wool is biodegradable and a renewable resource, making it a green choice as well as an elegant one. Stanton’s Naturally Green Wool™ carpets are eco-friendly and available in a variety of styles. Look also at wool-and-synthetic blends such as Axminsters.

\NYLON is one of the most popular fibers. It’s durable, dyes well and is resistant to stains if treated with a stain guard, which is often the case. Other attributes are its resistance to mildew and its flame retardancy, meaning it doesn’t catch fire easily and will produce little smoke if it does. The look and feel of nylon is similar to wool. Stanton Axminsters contain 80 percent wool and 20 percent nylon for a strong and luxurious blend.

POLYPROPYLENE, sometimes referred to as OLEFIN, doesn’t absorb moisture, making it highly stain- resistant as well as ideal for outdoor carpeting. Indoors or out, it’s strong, fade-resistant and a good value. Royaltron™ and Woolessence™ carpets are made with polypropylene. Today’s newest innovation is UV-stabilized polypropylene, which makes these carpets less likely to suffer damages due to excessive sun, wet or damp weather conditions.

POLYESTER is also known as PET. Carpet made from polyester is becoming more sought-after because of it’s durability and sustainability for everyday wear. This carpet has a heavier feel to it, but is not as flexible as nylon carpet. Polyester is also a popular choice because it’s both stain and fade resistance. With today’s new technologies, polyester fiber carpet is an excellent performer for your home or office.

Triexta/PTT is also known as SmartStrand. Many prefer Triexta carpet because it is both more durable and resilient than conventional polyester fiber carpet. Triexta looks and feels more like nylon carpet with a soft, matte finish. It’s extremely stain-resistant and offers superior comfort for your home or office.