Heated Floors

Almost every type of floor covering can be warmed with SunTouch. Warm, luxurious floors are popular in bathrooms, kitchens, entries, or any room with cold floors.

Simply roll out SunTouch mats over your subfloor, shape them to fit the room, and cover with mortar and a finished floor.

WarmWire cable heats like SunTouch mats, but it costs less and installs differently. Secure cable straps to the subfloor and stretch the cable between them before covering with masonry. WarmWire works great in large rooms and in complex room layouts. WarmWire is now approved for showers.

If your finished floor is cold, install SunTouch UnderFloor mats between the floor joists to warm the room above. UnderFloor works under any floor covering, including naildown hardwood.

SunTouch controls are offered in non-programmable and programmable models. An integral relay system is offered to control large systems.
These dual-voltage controls sense floor or air temperature, have built-in GFCI protection andenergy-saving “smart start” technology.